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r/c helicopter simultator

R/C Helicopter Simultators

Learning to fly a model helicopter is a time consuming (and sometimes expensive business) and requires much patience. One route many people take is to use a flight simulator. Whilst these by no means can replace real hands on flying they certainly help. Even a well-trimmed helicopter will only hover in place for two or

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slope soaring

Introduction To Slope Soaring

Slope soaring is increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. 1. Slope soarers are silent so there are no noise objections which opens up many flying sites. 2. All you need is radio gear and a model. No fuel, engines or expensive starting equipment is required. 3. Any type of model aircraft can be

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slot car track

Tuning Your Slot Car

If you are a serious slot car racer then tuning your car and carrying out basic maintenance will greatly increase it competitativness. Here are some hints and tips Truing the Tyres Truing tyres is a very important step and can provide the largest performance gains. Basically truing the tyres ensures they are round. Best method

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model warships

Introduction To Model Warship Combat

Model warship combat is an area of boat modelling which involves building model boats that can actually sink each other ! The model ships are generally built to 1:144 scale and are powered by electric motors and are radio controlled. The “firepower” in these models is provided by compressed C02 gas same as is used

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depron F16-1

What is Depron ?

[pictureframe image=”” align=”right” lightbox=”true” title=”depron jets” link=”” width=”250″ height=””]To put it simply Depron is a polystyrene foam. Fast food packaging such as burger containers or fish and chips trays are often made from Depron. Its lighter than balsa with a 6mm sheet weighing in at around 18 grams per square foot. Often it is strengthed

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