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Stingray 3D Quadcopter

Stingray 500 3D Quadcopter Curtis Youngblood

The Stingray 500 by Curtis Youngblood is a full collective pitch 3D quadcopter allows not only normal quad flight but also aerobatic  maneuvers loops, rolls and inverted flight.  It achieves this using variable pitch props. Specs: Span  –  490mm (diagonal rotor to rotor) Blades  –  110mm Frameset  –  85% carbon and metal design Battery – 4S 2200

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FT009 RC Boat

Feilun FT009 RC Boat RTR

For anyone looking to start RC boating you could do much worse than buying that Feilun FT009. This boat is often marketed under other names but all are essentially the same. It comes complete and ready to run and includes the boat itself, 2.4Ghz transmitter, battery pack with mains charger and even a stand. Its

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