Diecast Models

Diecast or die cast refers to the process of forcing molten metal, under great pressure, into a die or form to give it a specific shape i.e a model. Although the die casting process is expensive to set up, once it has been large runs can be produced at a relatively low cost. The fine texture of the metal and the precision of the die can combine to create a very detailed diecast model.

In addition to diecast there are other types of metal toys, cast iron and stamped metal. Companies producing cast iron toys included Arcade, Wilkins, Hubley, Kenton and Vindex. Stamped metal involves shaping a sheet of steel. Companies producing stamped steel include Tonka, Buddy L, ERTL, and Nylint.

There are many different types of diecast model :-

Diecast Model Cars and trucks – Automotive models have long been the main stay of the die cast industry. Companies producing automotive models include big names such as Corgi, Matchbox and Dinky.

In recent years the range of automotive die cast models has increased especially with the increase in popularity of racing models such as F1 and NASCAR.

Diecast Model Aircraft – Aviation models have increased in popularity in recent years and are generally
produced in smaller scales than other vehicles due to size constraints. Military models tend to be the most popular. Corgi produce some fine aviation models.

Construction – Construction models have enjoyed increased popularity in recent years and the range of models is extensive. Almost every type of construction machinery has been modelled. Most of these are aimed at the collectors market rather than as toys.