Hornby – BR 4-6-0 Barnsley B17 Class – Late BR

Locomotive 2869 named ‘Barnsley’ was outshopped on the 5th May 1937. It was re-numbered as ‘61669’ when passed to British Railways in 1948. The locomotive was rebuilt from a B17/4 to a B17/6 in September 1949. After 21 years of service it was withdrawn from Shed 32B Ipswich on the 20th September 1958 and was cut up on 30th September 1958 at the BR Doncaster Works. None of the Class were preserved.

Class:  B17
Designer:  Sir Nigel Gresley
Entered Service:  1928
Number Built:  73
Purpose:  Express Passenger
Wheel Configuration:  4-6-0
Dimensions:  249mm

Motor:  5 Pole Skew Wound. Loco Drive
DCC Ready:  DCC Ready
Livery:  BR
Finish:  Pristine