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Icon-A5 waterplane

Parkzone ICON A5

The amphibious ICON A5 is one of the hottest new aircraft in general aviation. Its distinctive blend of advanced composite construction and luxury sports car amenities has earned it numerous awards for innovative design, both inside and outside the aviation world. Now you can experience the fun of flying an ICON A5 with this officially

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parkzone stryker

Parkzone UM F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF

Take Stryker thrills with you wherever you go with the Ultra Micro Series F-27Q Stryker 180. It packs the punch of an E-flite® 3000Kv 180 brushless outrunner motor that delivers exhilarating speed and climb performance, just like the big F-27Q. It also has functional twin rudders so you can push the limits with extreme aerobatic

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model engine

Introduction To Model Engines

Radio controlled models may be powered by various means including electric motors, 2-stroke glow engines, 4-stroke glow engines/petrol engines or even minature gas turbine engines. Each have there own advantages and disadvantages and all are widely used by thousands of modellers world-wide. The choice of power plant will be based on the type and size

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r/c helicopter simultator

R/C Helicopter Simultators

Learning to fly a model helicopter is a time consuming (and sometimes expensive business) and requires much patience. One route many people take is to use a flight simulator. Whilst these by no means can replace real hands on flying they certainly help. Even a well-trimmed helicopter will only hover in place for two or

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slope soaring

Introduction To Slope Soaring

Slope soaring is increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. 1. Slope soarers are silent so there are no noise objections which opens up many flying sites. 2. All you need is radio gear and a model. No fuel, engines or expensive starting equipment is required. 3. Any type of model aircraft can be

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