Stingray 500 3D Quadcopter Curtis Youngblood

The Stingray 500 by Curtis Youngblood is a full collective pitch 3D quadcopter allows not only normal quad flight but also aerobatic  maneuvers loops, rolls and inverted flight.  It achieves this using variable pitch props.


  • Span  –  490mm (diagonal rotor to rotor)
  • Blades  –  110mm
  • Frameset  –  85% carbon and metal design
  • Battery – 4S 2200


  • Unique Fully Aerobatic Quad
  • Higher performance 3D flight capable
  • Stable and smooth beginner flight
  • TG-Multi flight control
  • Durable and simple VP design
  • High Visibility Pre-painted clamshell body set
  • Safe low-inertia folding rotor system
  • Comes ready for FPV or action camera (not included)

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