eRC F9F Panther EPO Radio Controlled Jet model aircraft

The Grumman F9F Panther saw extensive combat in the Korean War
flying over 78,000 sorties. It was one of the U.S. Navy’s first successful
carrier-based jet aircraft. They remained in front line service until
This airframe jet is pre-painted and assembles in about an
hour. Designed for simple everyday flying, the model is hand launched and lands
on its belly
Included is a 64mm ducted fan. The large battery hatch is held in place by magnets, making battery swaps
quick and easy. The F9F has plenty of power for hand launching and handles
easily with a solid feel in the air. The roll rate is crisp and the speed range
will satisfy both intermediate and advanced pilots. Landings are low anxiety
events due to the slow approach speed and the tough airframe.
Wingspan – 27ins. (690mm)
64mm EDF unit with Outrunner Brushless motor
ESC Included
Weight – approx. 550g
Length – 29ins (740mm)
Suits – 3ch. R/C elevator, aileron & motor
Battery – 11.1v 1600mAh   Included
Fuselage – EPO Foam 
3 Micro Servo’s Included
ESC                Included
Fan Unit          Included
Y Lead            Included
Foam Adhesive Included