Evolution 1.20NX Glow engine for model aircraft

The Evolution 1.20NX is not only powerful it is also very easy to use thanks to its Set-right carburettor that is both simple to tune and easy to start with the rear mounted needle valve protecting your fingers from the rotating propeller during start up.
The engine features substantial ball bearings supporting the crankshaft and the front of the crankcase features extensive webbing to reduce crankshaft flex and ensure smooth running, whilst the deeply finned cylinder head allows extra airflow and enhanced cooling. The 1.20NX has the same size as a .90 engine so modellers looking to upgrade to a more powerful engine can enjoy its hassle-free performance and incredible power.
Suitable for use in most .60 to .90-size airplanes the engine offers very good all round performance in scale models it also offers superb vertical performance in suitable aerobatic models.
Key Features • Innovative engineering allows for more power in a lighter-weight package • Small case size fits into 60- to 90-size airplanes • Ringed piston and cylinder design allows for better control of piston expansion and more consistent performance • Excellent power with low speed torque—more displacement while having the same mounting dimensions as most .90-size engines • Quality construction with high-tech appearance • Turns larger propellers to support larger models • Easy operation, low idle speed, smooth running • True chrome-plated sleeve with aluminium piston (ABC) • Set Right needle valves guarantee easy starting and great performance • Rear needle valve provides safe, easy adjustments • Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft extends engine life and improves reliability Includes silencer and Glow plug.

Specification Type   Two stroke single cylinders   –  Displacement  20.31cc (1.24 cu inch)  –  Bore 30.48mm (1.20 inch)  –  Stroke     27.94mm (1.10 inch)  –   Total weight 839 g (29.5 oz)  –   Engine (Only) weight  695 g (24.5 oz )  –  Silencer weight     5.0 oz (142 g)  –  Crankshaft threads 5/16 to 24  –  Prop range 14×6–16×10  –  RPM range  1600–9500   –  Fuel 15% Nitromethane  –  Mounting dimensions 25 x 46mm   –   Silencer  Cast   –  Cylinder type Ring  –  Carb type Barrel, 2 needle  –  Crank type Ball bearing.