FMS Mini Spitfire Mk9 800 Series RTF Electric Warbird with 2.4ghz Radio System

Supermarine spitfire was designed as a short range intercepter aircraft by R.J.Mitchell. Much loved by its pilots this aircraft was powered initially by the Rolls Royce Merlin and later by the Griffon which had over 2000hp on tap.
The Famous models Spitfire has captured the essence of this wonderful aircraft to give us a little gem. The aircraft features a brushless motor, 20Amp ESC and 3 ready installed servos. Assembly takes minutes following the simple photo step by step assembly guide.
The EPP construction gives a light yet resilient airframe that will take much punishment and just bounce right back into the air!
Compact, adrenaline fuelled, big packet of fun still doesn’t do verbal justice to this airframe, we love it! Dog fights really become genuine fun with this range of aircraft so what are you waiting for ‘Make like a tree and get down to your local model shop!’ you wont regret it.
Mini Spitfire Mk9 Spec Check:

  • Wingspan: 800mm
  • Length: 750mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • Battery: 7.4V 1000mAH Li-Po Battery
  • Motor: Outrunner Brushless Motor
  • Electrics: 2.4ghz Radio system, 3 Servos And 1 Brushless ESC