Sebart PC-21 50e radio controlled model aircraft

Scale outdoor electric acro, ready to fly, with all accessories.
landing gear, doors and steering wheel servo factory installed

PC-21 50E ARF scale, was designed by the 13 times Italian Champion Sebastiano
Silvestri, vice-European Champion and F.A.I World Cup winner F3A.
professional ARF kit is the result of Sebastiano’s long research, experience in
F3A and his passion for scale planes. This combined with an extremely light
weight structure and with many small aerodynamic  tricks give the PC-21 50E an
impressive precision and easy control at any airspeed and flight
The PC-21 50E can do it all… it can start and land very easy on
grass surface and with the factory installed doors and landing gears it looks
very scale on ground and in the air.
The PC-21 50E is ready for any pattern
manoeuvres as for unbelievable easy knife-edge flights, loops, rolling circles,
torque rolls… and almost anything else you can dream up from a scale plane are
waiting you!

Span: 151 cm
Length: 166 cm
Wing Area: 46 dm2
Weight: 3.000 g.
less battery
3.500 g. RTF with 4000-5S Li-Po Battery
landing gear included