The Prangster electric model aircraft

Imagine a plane that flies like a dream, nearly unbreakable, that you can bounce across the flying field to your hearts content.
Ideal as a first model or just as a fun bouncy plane. watch the many prangster videos
that have been put on youtube.

The servos and receiver fit into pre-cut-out holes in the EPP foam. The undercarriage is designed to protect your plane from the rigours of you first ladings.
A more ridgid undercarrage can be purchased once you have mastered soft touch downs.
Only £10.50 for a wire  bent, bound and soldered undercarrage.

The engine mount and the ingenious engine pod is removable for cleaning by simply removing two wooden dowels! Hint (cover cowling with glass and coloured tape for even more strength.

Rigorously crash tested the EPP foam fuselage and wings leading edges makes for an amazingly resiliant aircraft.

An utter revolution in friendly trainer aircraft!
Quite a few people are building these as electric models and we may in future produce
a dedicated electric Prangster.
Until then we can offer prangster kits without cut outs in the fuselage allowing for
your own set up also saving you money.
Prangster kit with Blank Fuselage £69.00