What is Depron ?

[pictureframe image=”http://www.aboutmanchester.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/depronjets.jpg” align=”right” lightbox=”true” title=”depron jets” link=”” width=”250″ height=””]To put it simply Depron is a polystyrene foam. Fast food packaging such as burger containers or fish and chips trays are often made from Depron. Its lighter than balsa with a 6mm sheet weighing in at around 18 grams per square foot. Often it is strengthed with carbon fibre strips to make very lightweight models.

Depron is extremely versatile. It can be cut with a sharp blade, sawn with a fine toothed modelling saw (with care) or sanded with fine sanding tools. The sponge sanding blocks are ideal for this. Depron can even be folded and shaped with the careful application of heat.

Care must be taken when choosing a glue to use with Depron. Solvent basd glues must be avoided ! Foam friendly superglue, non solvent based contact adhesive, UHU POR can all be used. The hot glue guns are ideal for gluing Depron.

Depron models can be painted with foam friendly water colour paints, or none solvent marker pens, always do a test on a scrap piece before committing to your model.