Graupner B-24 Nimbus R/C Racing Boat



This boat was developed by Ocke Mannerfelt and is the result of protracted
aerodynamic research aimed at achieving best possible performance. It has been
awarded two design prizes and is patented. The newly designed double-step hull
bottom features patented speed rails: specially designed stringers which
distribute the air-enriched water under the bottom of the boat and thereby
reduce the wetted area. The boat planes over the water on a layer of “air
lubrication” evenly distributed over the hull surface. The boat is extremely
slim in an effort to minimise air resistance. The lateral wings on the hull
produce upthrust due to their profile and also due to ground effect. The model
is based on the original drawings and is moulded using all-GRP technology, with
the exception of the driver’s cabin. The boat can be fitted with a scale power
system utilising a Z-drive 600 and SPEED 700 TURBO motor, but can also be
equipped with two electric motors and contra-rotating semi-cavitating
surface-piercing propellers for higher speed, according to the builder´s
individual preferences. For even higher speeds it is also possible to fit ULTRA
920-6M or ULTRA BRUSHLESS 220/30-3 motors, although not with the Z-drive. This
option is for experienced modellers only, and no details are provided. Suitable
for the Mono 1 and Mono 2 racing boat classes when fitted with the appropriate
power system.

Pack contents:
Quick-build plan
showing RC installation and building instructions in German, English and French;
all-GRP hull, driver’s cabin, plywood parts, decal sheet, small

RC functions:

Length: 655mm
Beam: 235mm
All-up weight including RC system and drive battery
approx: 2.0kg
Speed approx. up to 35 km/hr with 2 x 600 electric motors 30
km/hr with Z-drive 600
Scale 1:10