The HobbyKing Pod Racer Radio Controlled Boat

The HobbyKing Pod Racer is a pure racing machine! This outrigger style boat gets on the plane quickly and stays there. This extended sponson design allows for incredible speed and stability in high rate turns making this one of the most fun micro boats we have seen.

A 2845-3700kV Water Cooled brushless motor, 40amp Water cooled ESC and 9 gram servo have been pre-installed, simply solder the battery connection of your choice to the ESC, install your receiver and battery then take to the water!
Specs: Length: 575mm Width: 330mm Weight: 562g (No battery or receiver) Motor: 2845-3700kV Brushless Outrunner (Water Cooled) ESC: 40Amp (Water Cooled) Servo: 9 gram Required: Radio: 2 Channel Battery: 1800~2200mAh 3s 11.1v Lipoly