Ducati Desmosedici GP8 Electric Powered Radio Controlled Bike

Its clean lines and sleek looks are extracted directly from the real motorcycle. 100% Pre-built by factory. Vivid factory-paint and cowling with decals finish DUCATI999R high impact lexan bodywork. Doubled aluminium spring loaded front forks and adjustable aluminium oil filled rear mono shock provides excellent responsiveness and handling just like the real machine. Machined aluminium rear swing arm are rigid, durable, and light. High grip racing slick tires are mounted on aluminium wheels.

Aluminium side frames, which are strong and terminally rigid, make the DUCATI999R responsive, light and fast. Rear wheel chain drive ball bearing drive train and high performance motor create incredible power. Unique steering servo linkage has functioned for stable steering response. For detail, circular roll-over protection wire protects it from any scratch. Finally, the life-like rider completes the experience creating a visually exciting bike.