Heng Long Tiger 1 Tank Grey Radio Controlled model

Heng Long 1/16 scale
battle tanks
The fully-featured Heng Long Tank range is here! Choose
between a multitude of famous tanks and the option of firing either 6mm plastic
BB pellets or infrared beams to knock out the enemy! Heng Long tanks are
designed to emulate the look and function of the fullsize. All tanks have fully
active independent suspension, just like the real thing!
Shooter versions can hold up to 40 BB pellets! The BB gun
can only be fired once the arming switch on the Tank has been activated. This is
hidden under a cover so it can’t be accidentally armed

The tank features:

Radio control
equipment fitted and transmitter included

Automatic electric gun system
with safety features

Full range of movement

Rechargeable battery and


radio control provides full movement of the following


turret is able to turn left and right to almost a complete circle (320
degrees).The BB gun can be fired at the same time while the turret is turning
left or right. The gun can move up and down at the same time as the turret is
turning. The barrel has an approximately 20 degree tilt up & down.


Independent suspension and proportional speeds allow it
to climb gradient of 35 degrees and overcome most terrains and minor obstacles.
The right joy stock is used to control all movement including forward, backward,
left turn, right turn, left spin, right spin, backward left turn and backward
right turn.