Schumacher Cougar SV 1/10th Competition 2WD Offroader

The ALL NEW Schumacher Cougar SV, Competition 2WD
Off Roader.  Schumacher have brought you a tradition of Performance technology,
with a pedigree second to none, the Cougar SV is no exception!

Engineered by some of the most respected design guru’s in the
R/C industry, the Cougar SV retains the same Schumacher ethos, yet uses a fresh
approach to modern technology.

With its mid-motor position, ultra compact design, perfect
centre line balance and revolutionary constant radius steering system the
Cougar SV is sure to tear up the track with ease!

The Schumacher Cougar SV, taking 2wd to the
next level.

Prototype model shown, some details and specifications may