What is RC Slope Soaring ?

slope soarerWhat is Slope Soaring ?

Slope soaring uses the lift generate by the wind blowing onto any reasonable size hill. The wind is deflected upward by the slope of the hill creating lift. All hills have differing different characteristics and the lift generated is dependent on a number of factors such as the height, shape and how clear the slope is from obstructions such as trees, buildings etc.

What should I buy ?

Slope soaring is one of the least expensive forms of radio control model flying. All thats needed is a 2 channel radio set and a model. Most radios today have a least 6 channels and as you progress you may need these extra channels for flaps, spoilers etc.

Slope soaring sites rarely have perfect landing areas so a beginners model should be sturdy and resiliant. There are many EEP models around now which will stand up to the rigors of learning to fly. There are many beginners models around using 2 / 3 channels using a combination of rudder, elevator and aileron control. It is also advisable to join a club. Insurance is a must too.

Classes of Slope Soarers

General Models – slope models come in variety of types and construction materials. There are tradional models built using balsa and film covering, foam models and more sophisticated models moulded using glass fibre / carbon fibre. These are often refered to as “mouldies”.

PSS – Power Scale Soaring involves building gliders of full sized jet or piston powered aircraft. World War II planes, modern jet fighters and even commercial airliners are popular subjects.

Combat models – In slope soaring combat each pilot tries to knock the other’s aircraft out of the air. EPP foam models are normally used in slope combat. Combat models are popular with beginners as they are virtually indestructible.

Pylon/Ridge Racing – This involves racing along the slope sometimes around pylons. Generally 2-4 gliders compete against each other on the same course. F3F is a competition category for model and full scale aircraft that are defined by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). In F3F racing, the pilot is timed on the course for 10 legs of 100 meters for a total distance of 1 kilometer. F3F models are very sophisticated and expensive.

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