Slot Cars

slot carsWelcome to the In Miniature slot car modelling page. Slot car racing has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the sixties. Organised slot car race meeting are now held all over the world and modern slot cars can lap a typical 30 meter club track in 5 seconds. In those 5 seconds the driver has to brake and drive round 6 or more corners. The faster cars are capable of 60 mph (real speed!) on the straights.

Two sizes of cars are regularly raced, 1/32 scale and 1/24 scale cars and these can run on the track at the same time. A T shaped guide at the front of each car guides it around the track. This fits into a slot in the track surface.

The track power is 12 volts d.c supplied by a car battery or main transformer. The current is fed via the driver’s hand controller (which controls the current and hence the car speed) to metal contacts at either side of the slot in the track. The car picks up this power with braids on either side of its T guide and this is used to drive the car’s motor.

The biggest thing to hit slot car racing for years is the new digital race systems. All the major manufacturers are releasing these including Scaletrix, Ninco, Carrera and SCX. The aim of the new digital track system is to more accurately simulate real racing by allowing two to six cars to be raced simultaneously on a two lane track. Overtaking is possible by the way of lane changing. Using a button located on the hand controller the driver can make the car switch lanes in a certain area of the track.

‘Digital ready’ cars will be required but certain systems such as the Scalextric will allow digital cars to run on a non digital track. Scalextric also offer converters to convert standard tracks to digital tracks.