Tuning Your Slot Car

If you are a serious slot car racer then tuning your car and carrying out basic maintenance will greatly increase it competitativness. Here are some hints and tips

Truing the Tyres

Truing tyres is a very important step and can provide the largest performance gains. Basically truing the tyres ensures they are round. Best method is to put some fine sandpaper on the track, then place the car on the track open the throttle and gently lower the car’s rear wheels onto the sandpaper. Do not press down hard but just let the wheels make contact with the sandpaper. Continue ths until you are happy the wheels are round.

When complete clean the car ensuring there are no rubber or sandpaper bits in the running gear.

Check for wheel and guide blade free running

First of all check that all wheels rotate freely. A problem often found with slot cars is the wheels rubbing against the body shell. If a wheel is rubbing or there is very little clearance between the wheel and the shell then you should remove a couple of millimetres of plastic from the wheel arch. This can be done using a hobby knife or one of the Dremel type tools fitted with a grinding wheel.

Check the guide blade turns freely. Guide blade problems can be caused by the wires connected to it getting trapped or caught around caught around soemthing.

Motor and Prop Shaft

Motors and prop shafts are often only held in place by plastic holders which allow some movement causing power loss and motor inefficiency. Both the motor and shaft should be glued in place using an adhesive such as super glue. Please note only the prop shaft bearing should be glued into its housing.

Lubricate Parts

Lubrication is important and should be done on a regular basis. A drop of oil on all moving parts every two or three races will be fine.

Running In The Motor

New motors should always be run in for optimum performance and longer life. First remove the rear axle and place the car on the track. Now run the motor SLOWLY for around 5 minutes. Let the motor cool and then replace the rear axle and run the car slowly around the track for about 10 minutes. These steps will ensure the the motor and running gear are bedded in gently.

Adjust the Contact Braids

The contact braids are what supply power to your motor and so should be correctly adjusted.nt parts of your car and if correctly adjusted. For optimum performance the braid should be kept as flat as possible which ensures that more of the guide is actually in the slot. The final 2-3mm should be bent down and splayed out slightly.

The contact braids should also be kepted clean using some form of contact cleaner. Spray this onto a cloth and wipe the braids until you have removed all the dirt that has built up.