Ford Cortina MkIV 1.6L – Venetian Red Corgi Model car

Ford’s Taunus and Cortina models had shared some mechanical components for
years by the time the MkIV Cortina programme came into being but always had
distinctly different identities and styling, even competing in some markets.
However, during the model’s development it was decided that the Cortina MkIV
range was to be Europe-wide and, delayed by these discussions, the UK market
Cortina MkIV was announced in October 1976, six months after its German twin.
Ford’s European offerings have been universal ever since.

Designed by Uwe Bahnsen the MkIV looked completely new but in fact used the
Mk3’s underpinnings and engine range, which had been new in 1970.–venetian-red-va11903/?from_categories=cars