Harley Davidson Motorcycle Woodcraft Construction Kit

Assembly Size(cm): Height:15 Length: 28 Width:10.5
Price: £5.99

Woodcraft Construction Kits – Gifts For Children & Adults

Woodcraft construction kits are great for family occassions, celebrations and seasonal activities such as Christmas and birthdays.  These wooden gifts can also be used as educational tools for schools and youth centres – helps develop creativity, patience and inspiration.

Each woodcraft construction kit comes complete with instructions, diagrams and is packaged nicely in flat-pack.  Simply follow the simle number pattern by matching the pieces in a number sequence.  Click here to view sample instructions on how to build these woodcraft construction kits

Woodcraft Model Kits provide an extensive range of woodcraft construction kits for the whole family to enjoy.  Make your lesiure time at home even more enjoyable with woodcraft model kits!